Custom Built, Business Information Website Design Package - £199.99 Plus £3.99p/m Hosting.

Who is this package suitable for?

The Business Information Website is suitable for any individual or company (of any size) looking to establish a web presence. You may already own a website, but are thinking of a re-design to bring it into line with up to date technology and styling.

What can the website do for me?

The overall goal of the websites design is to attract new potential customers, allowing them to find out who you are, where you are, what you do and importantly - how they can contact you.
New customers may find your website via a Google search (in which case they are actively looking for your services) or via personal recommendations from friends who mention your domain name.

What will the actual website design look like?

Your website will comprise of pages which describe the services and / or products you offer. The content will showcase your company to new customers using a combination of images, video (if applicable), text and animation (where suitable).
We suggest a minimum of text and images - with avoidance of confusing menu options / features sliding across the screen and jumping up and down. Our research indicates that visitors are generally put off by confusing, unstructured information and navigation menus, although if you require this kind of styling, we can provide it.
Ultimately, your website will be set out in a way which best represents your business. We can make suggestions on any aspect of the look and feel if you need advice.

What's included in this £199.99 package?

We are *extremely* flexible when requests are made for additional features, we will often do these for free. So don't worry - there are many tweaks and additions we can incorporate for no extra charge - there are just too many to list here, but a few examples are listed in the right hand box below.
 W E B S I T E   C R E A T I O N 
Showcase your business with up to Eight custom designed web pages.
Your website will display correctly on all devices including mobile phones and tablets.
We will provide a contact form, this can contain specific questions if needed, which you might want to ask your customers before they contact you.
We will utilise your own photographs and source relevant images for you if required.
If you have existing social media accounts, we will link them to your main web page.
Visitors will be able to automatically share your site on their facebook page with an on-site share button.
We will help you identify your best target keywords which people might search for on Google, and incorporate them on your pages to aid with Google ranking.
We can digitise your existing logo, or make a new one for you.
 W E B S I T E   H O S T I N G 
We can use your domain name if you already have one, or set up a new one if needed.
We can provide you with up to Ten unique email addresses for your site.
Disk Space - up to 5 giga bytes (we will probably only need a fraction of this!)
Bandwidth - up to 50 giga bytes per month = enourmous!
Regular backups of your wesbite.
Visitors to your website. This information will be provided by Google Analytics - don't worry - we will create the account for you and show you how it works.
We can host the site in your country, or elsewhere if you need to (normally for SEO reasons).
Documents such as .PDF files or Spreadsheets can be hosted too - we can link to them from your webpages and your visitors can print them directly.
Perhaps the most important information about our hosting is that you won't need to learn or know a thing about it - we do it all.
 W E B S I T E   F E A T U R E S 
Google Maps will be included.
We can fade, scroll or pan your images as the visitor watches - or keep things static if preferred.
You may have images which need some visual adjustment to make them stand out - we can repeatedly make changes until you're happy with them.
Many websites need a photo "gallery". If needed, we will configure a user friendly, mobile repsonsive, zooming image browser and slideshow on your domain.
Site navigation, we can build this into the website design or simply provide a standard drop down type menu system - or both!
Parallax scrolling whereby your site "floats" over a fixed background dominating image - this is also an option.
Have some videos? We can "plug them in" to your website for your users to watch.
Various tools to show slight animations, mouse hover effects, instant updates, shape changes, message displays and more.
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