Magento Shopping Website Design - £999.99 plus £49.99/month Hosting and Maintenance.

Why choose Magento for your online store?

Magento is a fully customisable business solution for small to medium companies offering a larger product inventory, therefore it is more than simply an online shopping cart system. The software was first released in March 2008 and now powers more than 230,000 websites.

What can a Magento online shop / store do for my business?

With a shopping site designed around the Magento platform, you will be adding to your current sales channels with an impressive online presence. With the right balance of advertising, SEO and social media marketing, your store will increase revenue for your business via online sales and also attain further exposure of your brand.

How do I run a Magento website on a day to day basis?

There is a learning curve invloved in running a Magento website yourself. Your main target will be to create an environment whereby the vast majority of the workload brought about by the website will be processing customer orders for dispatch. There is however an element of initial site configuration and the ongoing task of utilising the administration features for updating products, offers, images, news letters and so on. These facilities you will need to learn during the first couple of weeks after setup - but generally before going live.

What's included in this design package?

Below is a list of the main features of Magento which are provided as standard. The complexities of additional theme requirements, design considerations, shipping options, stock management, training and maintenance can be discussed and established. Inclusion of certain facilities within the fixed price package will depend largely on your needs. To an extent, the level of business process knowledge which can be transferred to the online process within your organisation will also be a factor.
In summary, a Magento system (as with any online shopping solution) is, in relative terms, a larger undertaking than a standard non-selling website and requires due dilligence from inception through to the day to day running.
Create a Wix or Shopify Online Web Store
Show your customers the full online catalogue of your products (or services).
Allow visitors to search your site to rapidly locate and shop for the particular item they are looking for.
Shoppers can create their own account, with wish lists, order history, reviews and much more.
Accept payments through various payment processors such as paypal.
Prospective buyers can build up lists of items they are interested in and then compare them via an in-built comparison table.
Show multiple thumbnail images of each item with a scroll feature. Allow the user to zoom in on images to take a closer look before they buy.
Allow the customer to build up a fully functional shopping cart of items and then modify quantities, shipping details etc. before taking payment.
Add a featured brands section to the site design which displays the brand logos of the items you offer.
Automatically email the customer with order confirmation details to assure them that their order has been received and is on its way.
Administer stock levels and pricing - allow the system to determine whether to show out of stock items and list them as such - or hide them until they become back in stock.
Create sub-items which are often purchased as accessories to the main product. For example if you are trading in digital cameras, you may also want to offer memory cards on the same page.
Find out which products are being viewed most often by comparing total views,
Hold dispatch until payment has been cleared by the credit card processing company.
Choose from hundreds of themes - styles which vary from the overly fussy to the ultimately minimal! You choose - some themes are paid for and some are free.
Naturally, any installation of Magento carried out will be fully viewable on any device including mobile phones and tablets - thus fully responsive.
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There are hundreds of themes available for Magento.
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