10 Web Designs From Our Portfolio.

Portfolio of web sites

This collection of work is a showcase of my creativity, skills, and experience as a web designer. From sleek and modern designs to bold and innovative layouts, my portfolio is a testament to my ability to create compelling, engaging, and effective websites.

As a web designer, I am passionate about creating unique and engaging online experiences that help businesses achieve their goals. I believe that good web design should not only look great, but also be user-friendly, functional, and effective in achieving the desired outcomes.

In my portfolio, you will find a range of projects that I have worked on, including e-commerce sites, corporate websites, blogs, and more. Each project is a reflection of my commitment to creating custom solutions that meet the unique needs and requirements of my clients.

My portfolio is also a reflection of my experience working with a range of clients, from small businesses to larger companies. I have worked with clients in various industries, including healthcare, sports, technology, and more, and have developed a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that each industry presents.

One of the things that sets me apart as a web designer is my ability to listen to my clients and understand their goals and objectives. Additionally, I am a computer programmer with knowledge in many coding languages. I believe that effective web design requires collaboration and communication, and I work closely with my clients throughout the design process to ensure that their vision is realized.

Whether you are looking to establish a new online presence or to revamp an existing website, my portfolio offers a range of examples of my work and the solutions I can provide. From custom designs to responsive layouts, I have the skills and experience to help you achieve your goals.

In conclusion, my web design portfolio is a testament to my creativity, skills, and experience as a web designer and software developer . I am passionate about creating compelling, engaging, and effective websites that help businesses achieve their goals, and I believe that my portfolio showcases my ability to do just that. I look forward to working with you to create a custom solution that meets your unique needs and requirements.

1. Our design for a local hotel for cats.

Example 1 is a hotel for cats.

Site includes prices, hotel images along with a contact form which allows customers to make enquiries regarding availability etc. An existing logo was digitised for inclusion to maintain branding.

2. Project management for hotel development - includes a portfolio.

A hotel project management company

A professional website for showcasing an inspiring personal development portfolio of hotels.

3. A welding company based in Manchester showing portfolios of work.

A Manchester based welding company.

A design with photography sample including work carried out by the company. Photography is an ideal subject for web designing, a strong front end developer can showcase the artistic skills of a photographer.

4. A North West, Cheshire printers offering an online printing service for pdf files, college or university student documents, manuals, art, photographs and more.

A Cheshire printers

A printing company required a site which allowed their customers to upload files and order prints of them in various formats. Includes credit card processing, shopping cart and order history. A back end is supplied to allow the company to manage incoming orders and communicate with customers.

5. An electrician in London required a web site showcasing his trade services and experience.

A London based electrician.

A responsive web design for an electrical company based in London, using the city as the backdrop for the home page.

6. A local plumbing web design with projects and contact details.

A north west based plumbing site design.

Plumbing work in and around the area is displayed on this local design.

7. A modern creative (no template) niche web design for those seeking friends on the UK canal network - not wordpress.

A canal boat meeting up site

Something different and interactive where people can meet up and get to know others - they can set up a resume of their life for others to see.

8. Wedding planner - minimalist event site

Website for a wedding planner

Wedding planner domain with portfolio included - showing fashion and style.

9. Sophisticated website which is Membership, Product and Service workflow orientated.

Member based website

A project which entails a membership for people and workflow for product management and creation. A graphic designer was used for the layout.

10. This Reddish based organisation required a website promoting and showing their gas installation and maintenance services.

Gas installation services

The company wanted a theme to cover installations of appliances and a presentation of the maintenance services they offer to the public.

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