Free SEO Appraisal

Why Not Get An SEO Appraisal? It’s Free – And You Don’t Need To Be In Manchester!

You can get a free appraisal of your existing website simply by following the link below.

Unfortunately, it may well be that you have, at some point in the past, been sold a “lemon”. Lots of SEO type companies give small businesses the hard up-sell on websites. They are often selling dreams such as “massively increased revenue”, “boost your search engine rankings – guaranteed”. Victims of such hard selling and false promises sometimes end up in a worse position than they were before changes were made, often paying thousands of pounds for little, none, or even negative benefit.

In some countries – new laws are actually being introduced in order to stop this kind of fraudulent claim being made.

Why Do We Make No Promises With SEO?

Here at Photon Flux we make no such false promises, we can provide analysis of your current standing within the search engines (where you rank), and we can make suggestions on what to do to improve this.

Simple – because nobody can ever know truly what the search engines (for example Google) are going to do next when it comes to how they rank web pages. The algorithms created and maintained by thousands of Google software engineers and computer scientists over the last twenty years are extremely complex, and constitute possibly one of the most guarded corporate secrets ever. It is no good having a sales person promising you they can turn your business around based on SEO alone – whilst it IS MORE THAN POSSIBLE – it can not be 100% guaranteed – the percentage success rate depends on many factors.

So What Are We Offering Exactly When It Comes To Search Engine Optimisation?

We offer ongoing help and assistance with a goal of boosting your rankings and therefore visibility in the search engines. As we said above – IT IS MORE THAN POSSIBLE and indeed common, to work on a website and optimise it in such a way that it will rise in the listings for certain targeted search terms – bringing more customers to the site owner. You can take our own pages for example, many are ranking highly through our own research and applied theory – it is highly likely that you are reading this as a result of the search engine optimisation we have performed on this very website.

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