Getting Images for Plumbers Web Site Designs

How and where do I get images for my plumbing website?

We often get asked how to get hold of high quality images for websites, including plumbing websites.

There are a number of options available and to keep costs low these can be mixed and matched depending on your needs.

Use free plumbing related images from the web.

These images are available on various sites and can be used absolutely free of charge in your design. However be aware that many other web sites will be using these and this will downgrade the uniqueness of your design.

We also advise that the free images tend to be older in their nature – and for a plumber this may not be a good thing as customers will want to see up to date information both in text and image format.

It is not the end of the world though, we can manipulate the images using Paintshop Pro X8 and make them sharper or colour saturated for example, to increase the overall impact.

We can choose the images for you – or if you prefer, you can visit the website and download the ones you need before sending them to us in an email.

Buy images from a known web source.

Images can be bought from various places online. If you source your images this way, we can recommend places to go where good deals are available. Typically they will cost around £20 for five images of a high enough resolution and in jpeg format for us to publish.

These images do not – by default – belong to you and you alone – in other words generally you will not have exclusive rights to use them, other plumbing sites may be using the same ones.

In some cases, exclusive rights to the license may be bought, but this can be expensive depending on the photographer and image quality.

Overall, we find that non-exclusive images purchased this way are a very good investment over and above the free images – and this is the way we suggest you choose your photographs.

Use your own collection of images from previous plumbing jobs completed or in progress.

Whether or not you decide to buy extra images, we always recommend that you have a photo gallery of your plumbing services which shows jobs (bathrooms, toilets, showers, kitchens) which have been completed or are still in progress. Over time you may have built up your own collection on a mobile phone or with a small camera. We will sharpen up the content and publish it in a format similar to that which is shown below. On a live web site, the images will be clickable and if clicked on we will enlarge them to show the visitor to your site the full screen image, we also provide a rotating slideshow for this as a free feature.

Use your own images for a gallery design.
A gallery of plumbing images for a web site design.

If the collection you have contains sharp clear photos which can be used as part of the overall site structure / design (in addition to being contained in a portfolio type of gallery), then we will crop and use these to save money where we can. These will naturally be 100% your own images and contribute to making your site unique and stand out amongst the crowd, but only if you get seen – read more about how to go about marketing your plumbing site here.

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