Google Removes WWW from Address Bar

In its latest move, google have removed the WWW from the address bar display in their Chrome browser.


What purpose does this serve to anybody?

Many people in the internet business and beyond (including website owners) identify with the www part of a URL (uniform resource locator).

Do you see what I did there? I gave you the meaning of “URL” – take a look – U = uniform.

Well, we can now see that it’s no longer so uniform because Google has decided to “hide” the www. So after DECADES of people learning and understanding that a www is part of an address, a UNIFORM format of address – if you are looking at it in Chrome, its no longer uniform is it. Yet lo and behold we will still call it a URL.

It could be vaguely argued that we are still dealing with a uniform address when browsing the internet, in that only the www is not showing, but think again – not only have they removed the display of this, but they also removed the protocol.

Try it for yourself.

Go to chrome, and type in a full address including the protocol part (which easily allows you to see whether the site is secure or not) – and you will notice that google will remove from the view the first section. IE the https://www. part is ENTIRELY GONE.

Thanks google – if any of our customers ask us where these components of the URL have gone – I will tell them – GOOGLE DELETED THEM FROM VIEW.

Google Deletes WWW from Chrome

I wonder to myself what benefit to this there is. Well most website owners ensure that the site is served over https or http whether or not the surfer enters that. This is achieved with either a htaccess entry or other means.

In addition to this – most sites are also configured to serve with or without the www anyway, but now – if a user enters the www it is removed from view. This will possibly leave some people confused – as what they type GETS CHANGED – and that is the key to this post. Google are modifying what the user entered, and if this is deliberate, then I am in disagreement with them doing it.

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