How to Monetize a WordPress Blog and the Problems you will Encounter!

So you have a wordpress blog and no money right?

There are literally millions of blogs out there and there have been for decades now. The dream was based around the ease and simplicity with which anyone could get themselves online and start monetizing their content with very little or zero investment. This dream quickly turns sour though – why?

Because every man and his dog is doing the same thing.

Top 10 ways to get in a mess while trying to monetize your wordpress or other type of blog – the TRUTH.

  1. Join an affiliate program – yeah yeah – heard it all before, seen all the images of flash cars and massive mansions with wads of cash being flashed and thrown around. Join amazon affiliates program they say, ok right, like hundreds of thousands of dreamers before you – off you go – good luck with that!
  2. Host the blog yourself – big deal – so you get ripped off by some smart dude who seems to think it’s justifiable to charge you £300 to set you up with hosting and your own domain (a ten minute job). Well it makes hardly any difference – traffic to a hosted blog on the wordpress domain or blogger itself is just as hard to get as it is on your own domain. Keep trying.
  3. Do your own SEO – so you think that just because you have a blog you are going to get a zillion customers overnight? Think again. SEO is one of the hardest marketing routes you could possibly envisage. It takes decades to master, and every time you think you are “there” – Google changes its algo and you’re back to square one.
  4. Get others to do your SEO – probably the biggest laugh of all, you hire an SEO agency to do your rankings for you, get you links, write your articles. Next thing you know, you have spent £2000 and had your lovely blog shafted into oblivion because google found something wrong with what the so called SEO agency did. Of course, they have all your money and you are left hanging in the breeze. Tough life isn’t it?
  5. Sell your own products – another laugh. Do you really honestly think you can just go over to Alibaba, buy a load of junk from China and expect to sell it at a huge profit with no hassle? Dream on – you will face customs charges, customer queries, postage issues, breakages. You stand a good chance of being ripped off by customers as well as the foreign sellers and not only this, but you will fall foul of credit card chargebacks, returns for no reason, paypal disputes – the list goes on. Competitors will lie about you, post fake reviews – the full monty, you are vastly more likely to fail than win at this – VASTLY!
  6. Build a wordpress blog brand following – this just gets better by the minute. You will go to facebook, instagram, twitter – afterall – thats what to gurus said to do right? After 5 years you *might* have a following of 10,000 numpties – now just you try and sell them something. Out of that 10,000 – if you are lucky – you will sell one or two items. They want to follow you, but they are FULLY AWARE of your motives these days and they will largely ignore any and all your sales pitches!
  7. Buy Advertising – wake up – some of the advertising platforms such as Adwords, FB ads and others are now so complex that in order to understand how to achieve a good ROI (that’s return on investment if you don’t know) you’d have to study for months, practise by losing money, take courses or hire a guru. Now trying getting a profit out of a 5% cruddy affiliate program after spending a fortune on ads.
  8. Market your blog on Facebook groups – FAIL – the only groups which will leave your link up are dead in the water and full of people doing exactly the same as you. Try posting to a forum and you’ll get booted before the link even goes live in most cases. For example, go to a business opportunity forum and send in your link – why? When all the members are just like you. So you go to a forum related to what you are selling – goodbye.
  9. Allow all people to post replies to your blog posts – oh my – my eyes are streaming tears here – have you the slightest idea about SPAM? You will get bots posting thousands upon thousands of replies – all full of links to their garbage web sites trying to flog stuff like ….. well – use your wildest imagination! You will be overrun with idiot posts in no time at all, you’ll encounter the strangest and oddest people you never even knew existed, trust me – the internet is a harsh place. You will need spam protection coming out of your ears.
  10. Don’t use other peoples images – ok – so where do you think images come from – do you think they are free? 90% of the look and feel of your wordpress is the blog theme and images – and these cost money – lots of it. So unless you are a photographer doing your own content, get your wallet out!

You are now in the picture – your fantastic wordpress blog is a flop – other than the fact it gets some visitors and has attracted some links.

So how are you going to monetize it? Well, if you have completely ditched any total delusions about adsense (LOL), affiliate programs, mlm scams, product sales or services, you are halfway there.

You must also face the painful truth that most customers buy from huge known brands – not wordpress bloggers in their underwear sweating it out at the keyboard writing content to try and attract more drifters and entice them into getting their money out.

Did you notice what I did there? I said – you have some visitors and you have attracted some links…….. and there lies the secret to making money.

When a blog (or any website) has links pointing at it – search engines like this fact. They “reward” the site which has links pointing to it (known as backlinks) by boosting its authority. You see for over 20 years google in particular has basically been counting the number of links every site has garnered. Read on…..

and here’s the kick – the more links a web site gets – the MORE power it passes onto sites which IT links onwards to.

So take :-
site a) it has 20 sites linking in – its power is 20
site b) it has 100 sites linking in – its power is 100
site c) is owned by someone who wants to rank higher in google

If site b) links to site c) – site c) will get a HUGE BOOST in the google search engine.
If site a) links to site c) – site c) will get a SMALL BOOST in the google search engine.

These are just simplified examples of how it works – there are many more factors here, but lets put it this way – if you have a blog – there are millions of website owners out there who would pay IN GOLD for a link from your blog in order to help them rise in search and beat off their competitors.

It is 100% legal – google don’t like it of course – they say its bad to sell links. Oh dear.

So – off you go – search out facebook for groups which contain site owners looking to purchase blog links (sometimes known as guest posts) and you will start making money from every single page you put on your blog.


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