Marketing for a Plumbing Website

More than just concentrating on the design itself, your plumbing website needs some marketing behind it in order to help visitors find it. There are literally millions of websites which never get seen and the plumbing industry is no exception. Google will not simply list your plumbing website out of the good of their hearts in a high position – no. It is far more likely that no matter how good your content is, in terms of what you yourself think of it, google will shove it down the listings and show it to nobody.

There are different types of marketing you can employ, all of them cost money, and none are guaranteed to get you new business and clients.

That is the truth about the internet – long gone are the days when “if you build it they will come” ruled the day. You have to pay to play – but there are various levels of cost involved and you can choose the one which best suits your advertising needs.

SEO for Plumbers and their websites.

You can hire an SEO / marketing company like ours to get your plumbers website listed higher in the search results. This can take weeks to years depending on the complexity of layout of the competition. Remember that other plumbers in your area and outside your locality are also craving the top positions in google for their companies. And they are paying for that task – whether they are getting a good ROI is their problem, we aim to get you an excellent return on your investment.

If you cannot pay – you cannot play.

If you choose the SEO route, you can also pay for other types of advertising and marketing such as adwords on google, or facebook ads. See below.

The benefit of SEO is that whilst it is a risk (everything in marketing is a risk when it comes to advertising, whether on TV or Radio – and even in the press) – if it does work out for you, then you can expect free leads and business for as long as your site ranks highly in the search engines. This may be for years once you are established!

You can choose from different marketing methods for your website

Paid Advertising

There are a couple of ways you can market your website through paid ads. The most popular and arguably the best way is through google adwords. In essence, you purchase clicks from google. So when a person searching for your product or service enters specific search terms (keywords), google match your advert with them and displays it on the screen.

To list higher in these results, you have to bid like in an auction for the top spot. This is why googles revenues are in the billions of dollars – because they are forcing participating competitors to pay more to get higher – and of course they just coin it in.

So as a marketing example of advertising through adwords, if you get 1000 clicks in a month and each of these costs you £1, you will pay google a thousand pounds. You can “run” your ads as little or often as you like, by throttling the number of clicks you get.

Note that you have to pay up your extremely hard earned cash to google whether or not you get a job. The fact is, you can lose your shirt – or it can work for you, you won’t know until you try. £100 should give you a good indication of whether adwords is hopeless for your needs, good, or excellent.

Facebook ads is the other source of traffic to your website. Again – you can target people by various demographic parameters and sit and watch as your money drains away into the facebook bank account. Or, if it works out, someone on facebook who actually bothers to read your ad may get in touch. For some people it works – for others it does not, because the impressions of your ad cost you money (rather than clicks) and if all those customers just visit your domain and then leave without getting in touch – tough.

For all methods you will need to optimise your website to convert as many visitors into customers as possible. One of the most understated ways of doing this is to get great plumbing related images to grab their attention.

In Summary

In summary – take it easy and take your time when choosing the advertising method you use to perform your marketing. You CAN lose your shirt – but if you speak with us first we can put you on the right track without the usual lies and obfuscation you come across from less reputable companies.

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