What is Google My Business?

So google have this section where you can enter all your company details with the hope of landing in the top of their search listings, within the area currently known as the 3-pack. This is that bit at the top of the “decent” serps with boxes round it.

You have to create an account, a boring process which entails entering all kinds of trivial details such as your address, name, open hours and all the usual polava.

You are then mithered with periodic emails from them which include them prompting you to start entering posts about your business – like this.

Stand out to customers with a post about your business

Well, we did a couple of posts – but to be honest it was a relative waste of my time. Because nothing much happened and all I found was that I was struggling not to duplicate what I already had on my domain. And that’s the kicker – why would I as a website owner and operator want to start filling up pages on THEIR services for little or nothing in return?

Go on – answer it – why???????? I will ask again.

Why in this universe would ANYONE want to provide them with pages of their creativity only to get NOTHING OR VERY LITTLE IN RETURN?

Think about it.

Well, I don’t. So no thank you google – you won’t get anymore posts from me – because I prefer to keep MY PROPERTY ON MY DOMAIN.

The Google my Business Stats

Lets take an actual look at the reality of my wasted time and effort in providing them with data shall we?
Here is a screen dump of their email content.

Take a look at that drivel. “Here are the top search queries used to find you”. First of all, i’m not entirely sure where they “found” me – because the email doesn’t say does it?

Second – look at the stupid state of those so-called “top search queries”. In perspective, this site – whilst called photonflux – should really be showing for “web design” type queries. Not “flux” or “photon” – how the hell is tat relevant as separates (well thats how they are presented to me – separate searches”). And what the hell is “pho ton” – LOLOLOLOL

Sure google – let me start wasting my time on writing articles for your environment – NO THANKS.

Wait for it – but I am doing it wrong!!!!

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