Cheap Website Builder in the UK

Questions and Answers about Cheap Website Builder Options within the UK

What Exactly is a Cheap Website Builder?

Software for Building a Cheap Website.

We get it - you have heard all about these cheap online software solutions allowing you to build a cheaper website yourself - rather than getting a professional web design company to do it for you. Indeed, it is true to say that for some businesses these packages can work out fairly well, but for many people the time taken to try and learn how to do it - just to save a few pounds - is totally wasted, because the saving is often an illusion. Not only this - but in the longer term, you may find that the cheap option has cost you dearly, because whilst you understand image compression and optimisation, scaling images, font sizes, spacing and headings, file saving and website silo structures - you are almost certain to be missing out on essential website components which are not available to access within the builder software you choose - meaning nobody ever sees your website. The biggest shocker of all though, is that a brand new website might only cost you around £150 one off fee + £3.99 a month hosting from us and you will not even have to lift a finger - wheras the seemingly cheap option of a DIY solution can actually work out more expensive because the monthly fees are often much higher than ours!

Why Exactly Should You Choose Us as Your Cheap Website Builder and UK Hosting Company?

Simply put, choosing us to build a website for you at such a low price ensures that it is ready for the search engines, it works, it will be responsive (i.e. it will work on small mobile/tablet screens and large desktop screens just as efficiently) and you can have as little or as much involvement as you like in the design and creation process. You will not have to embroil yourself with the difficult task of using a software website builder for creating an exact layout, fiddling with the layout, learning HTML meta tags for SEO, learning JSON, integrating it with your social media accounts, understanding online payments systems the list is endless. In addition, we will also handle all your hosting requirements from within the UK (including email) and support you whenever you need help.

The Choice is Yours - Use Software or a Designer as Your Builder.

The choice is really down to your own preference naturally. But it makes all the sense in the world to use a website designer such as our company to do all the work for you, when the prices are pretty much balanced out evenly when compared to available software building packages out there. Why struggle?

A cheap website builder is software
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A Cheap Website Builder for the UK - Specific Checklist.

Here is a small checklist of considerations when using a UK website builder and comparing them with the likes of a semi automated system.

List of 20 Ideas and Tips To Help when Choosing a Cheap Website Builder within the UK.

  • Our hosting is in the UK and so are we
  • We build the website for you, the cost is cheap but the result is the best
  • Your ongoing costs are so low they are hardly worth considering
  • We implement the SEO for you on your web pages
  • Target your websites keywords carefully and liase with us to address this issue
  • You can call us anytime and we are inside the UK
  • There is no software for you to learn at all
  • We will scale and enhance your images for you
  • You are NOT restricted to the limitations imposed by a cheap automated website builder
  • There is no work for you to do, and no programming involved at all
  • Building websites is our speciality - do not leave it to chance when the costs are lower
  • We organise your domain and hosting for you
  • Your email will work on your phone, tablet, PC anywhere in the world
  • We are trustworthy and reliable and have been building cheap websites for decades - literally
  • Social integration is included for upto 5 external platforms (facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, Pinterest)
  • The website will be fast and responsive by design
  • We write the code using the latest programming languages
  • We can create your logo for you too - all work is under one roof and one point of contact
  • Cross browser functionality as standard
  • We can build a UK site you will be proud of - it will look anything but cheap!

The Pros and Cons of Using Programs to Build Your Own Website.

Pros of Using a Cheap Wesbite Builder Program.

1. You can feel a sense of accomplishment when it is complete.
2. You get to learn some technical aspects of web design.

Cons of Using DIY Builders.

1. You will need to learn and understand of the Graphical User Interface provided by the DIY software.
2. You will need to understand image compression, scaling, EXIF data.
3. The site may look like a tens of thousands others which all use the same template - not what you want if you need to stand out from the crowd.
4. If you need to customise it - you may need to learn a programming language or component such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS - or pay a fortune for someone else to do it for you.
5. Many online cheap website DIY builders have bugs which will infuriate you to the point of despair.
6. You will need to get a handle of search engine optimisation concepts for implementing within your text, headings, alt tags and meta data.
7. You may have no control of which country the website is located in - this can be a serious problem for support and SEO.
8. A fairly modern PC could be needed - depending on the power of the chosen software.
9. Growth - if you need custom functionality such as a complex database of customers - you will struggle to upgrade - it may not even be possible to stay with the same provider.

The Website Costs are Similar - Why Spend Days Struggling for Nothing?

Ongoing running costs of a website which is created with a builder package or editor can be higher than those designed by a pro. The reason generally is that the company supplying the building system will need to make up for the loss of the initial one off creation fee (sometimes they charge that anyway!!). For example, you spend days and even weeks pouring over your PC or laptop to avoid the one off fee of £150 - not only have you just lost that very important time, but you are now faced with a bill of £25 a month web hosting. In the first year and every year thereafter, your costs are £300 - with our service, your costs are £150 up front and then just £47.88 for each year you stay with us - so the first year, instead of £300 it is £197.88 and each year after, instead of £300 it is £47.88. For most people this is a no-brainer - and ongoing saving of £250+ pounds per year and no work to spend days and weeks struggling with yourself! Even with cheaper monthly hosting costs - unless they are practically free - you can easily see the benefit of using our services.

Pros and Cons of Cheap Programs

Best UK Company Building Cheap UK Based Websites.

Based in the UK - Stockport.

Our company is UK based and in Stockport, South Manchester which works out best for our customers also based in England. If you need help you can simply pick up the phone or contact us via email. We have been building websites since 1997 and became a registered limited company in 2003. You have no worries regarding our site building expertise as with over 30 years of computer systems programming experience we are, and have always been, well ahead of the competition.

Cheap or Expensive Website Building - Options Are Available.

The word cheap does not mean rubbish by any stretch of the imagination. The cheapest option is for a site build which will advertise your business or service on the internet and allow your clients and customers to contact you. It does not end there though. If you need to - you can use our thirty year industrial programming experience to develop entire online business process systems from e-commerce, CRM, CMS, custom order processing, file uploading, sharing or anything else at all which you require. How expensive the development is depends on the size of your project along with its complexity, but these options are ready and available should you need to expand your online presence.

Call Now for an Informal Chat About What Your Company Needs.

Another advantage of using us as your cheap website builder is that you can call us right now for a chat about what you need. Make no mistake - having an informal chat about what you or your company needs can mean the difference between a successful website and a failed website. We are here to answer your questions.

Our UK company can build low cost cheap websites.
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