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Web Design Manchester Based

Work with Photon Flux - a South Manchester Creative Web Design Company

Based in South East Manchester, we have been designing websites since 1998 and have expertise in all areas of modern web design and online marketing.

Whether you need a brand new website or a complete re-design, we can work with you to achieve and exceed your online goals.

Our creative digital designs are as varied as our customers needs, we can build any kind of website for clients, from a Wordpress blog to a custom designed business service, through to full blown e-commerce solutions with management of products and payment processing.

Get New Clients and Increase Your Sales with Our Digital Marketing Services.

Photon Flux delivers web design and web services such as hosting and email with all our website packages. We use the latest digital technology for website development and marketing projects, you can be assured your build will be both creative, user friendly and compatible by mobile responsive design on all devices. Getting you new clients and seeing an increase in your sales is what we aim for.

Best of all, our web designing services won't overstretch your budget, we can create bespoke systems and websites built around your business and brand in a very short time frame - for some new sites - just a matter of days. If you aren't sure how to gather your content together, or what you might need for the website, we can help guide you with ideas with a view to creating customer winning displays you can be proud of.

Web Design with Search Engine Optimisation Services

What is Search Engine Optimisation and is Being Local to Manchester Relevant?

Search engine optimisation, or SEO as it is known, is the process of designing a website in a way which gives it the best start in the world of search engines such as Google, then providing ongoing work in an attempt to make the website rise higher in the listings. Customers are more likely to find your site if it has higher rankings for its brand or other helpful and relevant content.

For any given project, the website for a local Manchester company (or any city or town) can be entered into a Google My Business account. This is often the first "off page" optimisation we consider delivering to help a website improve its brand visibility, grow traffic and grab the attention of customers.

We work hard to ensure your content is optimised around your services and locality, wherever you are based.

A Manchester Web Design and SEO Agency.

We find that the responsibilities of both web design and SEO are best held by the same agency. Creative web designers and technical website search optimisers are often at odds with each other unless they fully communicate at every stage during the project development process. A web designer can tend to focus on the user experience but the SEO will often give priority to delivering other, unrelated aspects. For example, a web designer may want to show images and video of the business or product, but an SEO will need to focus more on the text content. Combining the two elements is an approach which ensures your website is designed with both needs equally supported.

Web Hosting, Email and Blog

Fast Web Hosting, Reliable Email Solutions.

Having a slow website is one of the best ways to guarantee your clients won't email or contact you. Our web hosting solutions ensure high speed delivery of pages, whether your visitors come from nearby or the other side of the world. Having fast and reliable hosting can help to make or break a website.

Additionally, you can have multiple email addresses and connect these with existing team email addresses if needs be.

Free Blog for Every Web Project Created by Photon Flux.

Whilst not every customer needs a blog, we feel they are a useful addition to many web designs we deliver. Some agencies provide a Wordpress blog as a service extra, they may even use Wordpress as their site base, but here at Photon Flux we are happy to throw one in for free where needed. An example of ideal use for a blog would be to build your own company portfolio over time, without the need for our services, this enables you to target more customers with specific topics covered by your expertise and experience.

Some projects actually require a blog or at the very least it is recommended. Consider a website where the main content is based around a product or online catalogue. A blog can be extremely useful to allow the site owner to publish news about new items and boost the strength of their selling pages by linking back to the actual product from an article, a sales funnel can also be implemented offering different routes for clients to make contact.

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